Real data, real solutions, real-time. SMART.

21st century construction requires 21st century solutions. Tellepsen Industrial’s SMART platform enables a new way of working. Bringing together proficient people, digitized critical data and advanced, integrated technologies SMART delivers true transparency through single source of truth reporting for tangible results.

Safety & Quality Heat Map

Quantitative & qualitative inputs through our Safety Assistant ML engine provide a visual representation of real time site safety and quality


By maximizing our fabrication and pre-assembly capabilities we minimize field labor, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Advanced Work Packaging

Our proven Work Face Planning and constraint management system optimizes in-field execution and improves the cost, schedule and safety of projects up to 10-20%.


Our proprietary craft sourcing, training and retention program backed by first-hand knowledge of each team member ensures the Right Team in the Right Place at the Right Time


We embrace new technologies to improve, collect and integrate safety and productivity data to improve project outcomes. Through our Integrated Network Site, we deliver what we say we will do and deliver trust through transparency of our results.