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About Us

We are Tellepsen Interiors, part of the Tellepsen family of companies. Interiors is an extension of the Tellepsen commercial construction offering and serves a wide range of market sectors, with an emphasis on Healthcare, Education and Corporate Interiors. Our staffing model is designed to meet the requirements of our clients and our long-term relationships with trade partners brings value to our customers' bottom line. Known in the industry for our ability to deliver quality interior driven commercial projects with aggressive schedules, we serve our clients with the same level of commitment that Tellepsen has provided to Greater Houston for over a century.

Delivery Methods

The ideal delivery method for a project is not a one size fits all solution. The decision depends on a wide array of factors that Tellepsen can help you navigate. Tellepsen Interiors has performed both bid and negotiated work under virtually all variations of contracting arrangements.

  • Construction Manager at Risk
  • Design Build
  • Lump Sum Contracting


Our reputation in the industry for conceptual estimating is second to none. We pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive detailed estimates and preconstruction services that allow our clients to make quality business decisions for their projects.

  • Design assist
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Project scheduling
  • Phasing analysis
  • Permit expediting
  • Constructability review
  • Test fit evaluation & condition assessment


Tellepsen Interiors’ estimating process combines the use of estimating professionals, input from the city’s most competitive and qualified subcontractors, and historical data gathered from building interior-driven projects in the Houston market for decades. We provide our customers with accurate cost estimates as they make decisions about their projects. In a CM@R scenario, Tellepsen Interiors will frequently and consistently provide detailed, accurate cost information and measure against the baseline for the project. This allows timely adjustments and decisions to be made throughout the budgeting process to ensure effective cost management. In a lump sum scenario, Tellepsen Interiors will solicit from our stable of qualified trade partners that specialize in lump sum interior projects to ensure best value.

  • Conceptual estimating
  • Quality takeoffs
  • Value engineering
  • Variance analysis
  • Open book


Quality is ingrained within our earliest project activities from identifying potential conflicts between building systems, to prequalifying trade partners and holding orientation meetings to familiarize all job site participants on the schedule, project controls, and site specific safety procedures. Our construction delivery process outlines in detail the procedures for submittals, testing, inspections, and documentation to ensure quality throughout construction. Tellepsen Interiors utilizes technology, such as PlanGrid to complete thorough constructability review and to address field discrepancies.


Safety is a Tellepsen Interiors core value and it all begins with a deeply committed and caring executive leadership. Safety is a collective mission we accomplish through clear management direction and individual education, accountability, and action. We ensure success through aggressive inspection, measurement, reporting, recognition, and response through the use of eCompliance. Our safety record stands as a testimony to the success of our organization.

  • Corporate safety and crisis management
  • Site specific safety program
  • Worker orientation
  • Trade partner kick off conferences
  • Daily JHA's
  • Tool box training sessions
  • Incident investigation and root cause analysis
  • Incident trend analysis


When Tellepsen Interiors builds a schedule, we are focused on predictability. Our clients and trade partners can count on Tellepsen Interiors’ ability to manage the project schedule to make critical business decisions.

Tellepsen Interiors develops a preliminary schedule on every project to create an educated baseline to discuss with our client. The schedule will be refined as we add trade partners and further develop scopes of work and manpower requirements. The overall project schedule will be updated monthly by our project team and communicated to our client through our engagement. Our client can count on Tellepsen Interiors' ability to manage the project schedule to make critical business decisions.

  • Submittal process
  • Procurement tracking (long lead items)
  • 3-week look ahead (produced weekly)

Self-Perform Services

Tellepsen’s founder, Tom Tellepsen, started his career as a carpenter in 1905. This was an era when the skill to be a builder was truly celebrated. The builder mentality remains a common thread throughout our organization. There are situations where Tellepsen can bring the most value to our clients by self-performing various scopes of work. Self-performing provides for the greatest control of cost, schedule, safety and quality.

  • Sitework
  • Demolition
  • Carpentry
  • Door and hardware installation
  • Specialties and equipment installation
  • Infection control and containment
  • General trade work
  • Drywall
  • Ceilings
  • Painting

Learn about our Safety Process

Tellepsen has logged over 17 years and 18 million man-hours with no lost time accidents