Who We Are

Four generations of leadership. One family of companies. Working together, decade after decade, we’ve developed a timeless standard that echoes the first words of Tom Tellepsen: Do it right the first time. The Tellepsen Standard is built around what we know works in any decade—honest, direct communication. Proactive planning on the most complex projects. Dedication to the people on the project. We are all on the horizon of something greater.

Why we exist: To build projects of significance that positively impact how people live, work, play, heal, worship and learn.

What We Do

Tellepsen is a full-service construction company with the capacity to handle any type of project—commercial, industrial, interior, concrete or more detailed services. Our family of companies specializes in projects with challenging requirements and complex needs—whether it’s building a healthcare facility with phased occupancy, installing a crude oil dock in a heavy-traffic area, handling high-end finishing for the interior build-out of a law firm, delivering on concrete for a multi-family residence or any kind of detailed work needed to finish a project. With a powerful, long-standing commitment to Houston, we create far-reaching impact.

Our Commitment to

We’re passionate about creating a safe environment where anyone can do their best work, succeed in their career and have positive impact on others. Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the country. We believe our company should strive to reflect that diversity, knowing it makes all of us better. Whatever your background, age, sex, gender identity, culture, ethnicity physical ability or religion, all are accepted here. We seek to enhance this perspective in everything we do.