We believe in building relationships that impact today and tomorrow.

When you’re involved in construction projects today, they need to have an eye towards the future. Healthcare has dramatically changed over the last 10/15 years. Technology is different. How we even utilize the spaces are different than what we’ve done in the past. When you start talking about the projects of the size and complexity that we have that are part of our system, this is not a vendor relationship. We’re going to look for a partner. The Tellepsen firm has a long history with CHI St. Luke’s. If you go back to the original days, back in the 50s, Tellepsen was a part of creating the original St. Luke’s hospital. So it has been a deep relationship that we’ve had with them. And that’s translated into several other projects of particular note for our organization.

Michael Covert, President and Chief Executive Officer for CHI St. Luke’s Health System

There is a long-standing relationship of trust, performance and accountability that is built into that relationship most recently evidenced with the construction of the Texas Children’s West Campus project, the new pediatric community hospital out near Katy, Texas and the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute in Texas Medical Center…It’s that relationship I think that actually underscores the success of everything we do.

Pete Dawson, Senior VP of Facilities, Texas Children’s Hospital

The Tellepsen Standard

We go into every commitment knowing that—no matter what happens—we always maintain our client commitment. It’s called The Tellepsen Standard.

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