How We Work

The work we do is centered around purposeful planning and action. We adapt to changes. We determine quick solutions. We stay in communication with our clients and partners. You are our highest priority.

Accuracy means using advanced technology to visualize the life of a project before and while it is delivered.

Quality means finding the best materials, systems and strategies for each project.

Safety means recognizing that when accuracy meets quality, we can assure we are taking care of our team and our collective future.

The “T” in Honesty

We support your goals from start to finish.

We value the work you do by being fully present—on the phone, on the job and in person.

We keep unexpected changes to a minimum and handle those changes efficiently while in constant communication with you.

The “T” in Ingenuity

We solve with intelligence for every challenge.

We excel at handling complex projects because we bring decades of knowledge to the table with our eyes on the future. We charge forward, planning with great detail to ensure every project is built to the highest standard.

The “T” in Community

We champion people to reach new heights.

We are committed to being a partner that will provide you with the experience, talent and tools to help you achieve your goals for this project and the ones that follow it.

Finding Opportunity

Innovation isn’t about just technology. It’s about looking for opportunities to make things better. That’s why the high-end technology we do have is centered around planning, processes and reviews. It’s about creating cost scenarios that help us make the smartest decisions. It’s about accessing project data in real-time and on-the-go. It’s about making sure conditions are just right with laser scanning and using 4D models for sequencing and site logistics. Most importantly, it’s about the people that use these tools to make sure we’re always talking about how we can get even better at what we do. We don’t settle for what we’ve always done. We plan for what’s next.

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) and virtual mock-ups allow design and construction teams to collaborate and simulate scenarios before any dollars are spent
  • Scheduling is integrated with information modeling to create 4D models that run multiple simulations on construction sequencing and site logistics
  • Integrated, handheld platform allows every authorized user 24 hour access to project data and enhances the efficiency of our punch list process, coordinating all roles
  • Laser scanning verifies current construction conditions
  • Integrated cost modeling and management system assesses on-screen takeoff, estimating, historical cost data base management, bid day tabulation and pricing by line item to keep estimates quickly updated
  • Quality control professionals, third-party individuals and testing companies verify the work is in line with contract documents
  • Our scheduling professionals prepare baseline timelines with clear project milestones for our teams to define, monitor and deliver while managing resources
  • Asset management programs for real-time operation and maintenance
  • Our program, Tellepsen Next, assesses feedback from the entire Tellepsen team, in the field and in the office, to make sure we’re proactively improving and meeting the vision of the company at large


Susan Phillips, Director - Safety

We know every project we complete has a deep and lasting effect on our team and the community around us. Through decades of “doing it right the first time,” we’ve perfected our safety standards and have been long recognized as a national industry leader in safety. We set the standard.

Commercial, Healthcare and Higher Education Projects

Protecting the lives of our people and the people we work with is foundational to what we do. We are the only company in America awarded the national “Safest in the Nation” title by the American General Contractors of America (AGC) for five times in the division between 700,001 and one million work hours.

We’ve tracked over 19 million man hours of no lost-time accidents.

Tech Perspective

One of the greatest impacts of technology on our business is the ability to better communicate and collaborate which we believe is THE KEY to project success and dependability. From preconstruction through warranty, we provide an array of tools that keep all project stakeholders informed and connected.