Tellepsen Diversity Initiatives

Tellepsen has established a cross functional team to impact the company’s diversity and HUB programs. This team consists of a representative cross section of professionals that drive the company’s affirmative action for minority business engagement. We have partnered with Nellons-Paige Group (NPG) to serve as Tellepsen’s strategic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) partner at a corporate level. This strategic partnership is focused on strengthening the company’s practices by helping elevate its DEI knowledge-base.

Spearheading this partnership is Alvin Rucker who has over 35 years of business experience working for a variety of organizations and as a consultant and strategic advisor to various clients. Alvin will serve as Tellepsen’s HUB representative for this project.

Tellepsen is recognized throughout the Houston area for its track record in establishing results-oriented programs for historically under utilized businesses (HUB). Our innovative HUB programs have the firm support of the company’s executive management team. Affirmative action, equal opportunity employment, and cultural diversity play a significant role in the philosophy of the entire company.

Our strong support for HUBs in the construction industry has resulted in large dividends for those companies with the quality, delivery, experience, and good credit to participate as partners with Tellepsen.

Recent examples of achieving aggressive HUB engagements

Partner Programs

Tellepsen proudly partners with many area diversity and outreach programs, including:

  • Houston's East End District
  • East End Chamber of Commerce
  • NAMC
  • Trade Fairs and Open-House Mixers (in conjunction with any University HUB initiatives)
  • Women in Construction Outreach Luncheons
  • Minority Business Development Center
  • Minority Supplier Development Council Outreach Luncheons
  • Association of General Contractors (AGC)
  • Associated Building Contractors (ABC)