When Houston wants to leave a mark, Tellepsen builds it.

A Strong City for Future Generations

From our founding in 1909 to now, we’ve built lasting relationships with Houston's universities, healthcare facilities, Rice University, Texas Children’s Hospital, The University of Houston, The Texas Medical Center and St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, among others. From Houston’s first origins to the multicultural epicenter it is today, we’ve gone further than anyone ever imagined—except for Tom Tellepsen, who envisioned it when he first arrived in Texas at the age of 21. His unstoppable desire to create something of lasting importance has resulted in the Tellepsen of today—meeting the needs of the 6.9 million people living in Greater Houston. We’re still the new frontier—and we’ll continue to be. At Tellepsen, we’re making a commitment to work alongside you to create a strong city for future generations.

Four Generations of Leadership

Leadership isn't about building a landmark and moving on. It's about building projects of significance that impact the livelihoods of those around us. It's about transforming what a city can do and be for its people, and creating opportunities for those people. That commitment can't be made without making our city a priority. The Tellepsen family has been a part of shaping Houston’s future through board leadership, committee work and financial contribution for decades, continuing the relationships it has made since its origins. These values have inspired and fueled the work of everyone who works at Tellepsen.

Strengthening Our Community