insights | 07.18.22

City of Houston Permitting 101

Permitting is a key part of the construction process. From renovation to new building, knowing when and how to attain a proper building permit can be the difference between a successful project and an unfinished structure piled high with fines and/or legal fees.

To help you better understand the permitting process for construction projects in Houston, in this article we cover:

1. City of Houston Permitting by the numbers
2. What a permit is and how to know if you need one
3. How to get a permit in Houston, Texas
4. What happens after you receive a permit
5. Common obstacles and how to avoid them
6. What is the City of Houston doing to expedite permit approval?

We hope that after reading this you will feel much more confident moving forward with your project.

Jonathan Shaw
Jonathan Shaw, Vice President, Tellepsen Business Development

About the Author:

Jonathan Shaw is Vice President of Business Development at Tellepsen. Over his 15-year career, he has served in multiple capacities with experience in all phases of the construction project lifecycle. Currently Jonathan leads Tellepsen’s Business Development Department, with a solutions-based focus across multiple market sectors including healthcare, commercial, education, faith-based, and community improvement projects. Jonathan is a LEED Accredited Professional and has a degree in Construction Technology from Texas State University. His degree and experience continue to further enhance Tellepsen’s commitment to an innovative and proactive approach to construction management and client-focused solutions.