insights | 08.17.21

SMART Project Execution in Construction

SMART Project Execution in Construction

Transforming construction execution through SMART data-driven solutions

By Adam Wood, Director of Digitization and Innovation, Tellepsen Industrial

21st century construction requires 21st century solutions. Tellepsen Industrial’s SMART platform enables a new way of working, bringing together proficient people, digitized critical data and advanced, integrated technologies to deliver true transparency through single source of truth reporting for tangible results.

Tellepsen delivers value through disciplined, single source of truth execution of our SMART Platform. Through implementation of proven best practices in Safety, Modularization, Advanced Work Packaging, Resourcing and Technology we assure productive, predictive results for your project.

SAFETY - 24/7 Predictive Safety Blanket & Behavioral Based Capital “Q” quality program partnered with smart devices to capture real-time data for real-time reporting. Through this real time reporting of safety, quality and other quantitative data from the job site, a qualitative visualization is produced that communicates the “health” of the project and provides targeted areas to improve on the job site.

MODULARIZATION - Controlling safety, quality, cost, schedule, and performance for predictive construction solutions. Tellepsen Industrial maximizes our fabrication and pre-assembly capabilities enabling us to minimize field labor, improve efficiency and reduce costs in the field.

ADVANCED WORK PACKAGING - Planning and constraint management system optimizing in-field execution. As a construction only organization, Tellepsen Industrial utilizes an agnostic AWP solution that will integrate into our client’s platform and enables early contractor involvement so that the engineering and procurement efforts are in line with optimized constructibility and path of construction.

RESOURCES - Targeted, timely craft sourcing, training & management — the Right People, Right Now. Through the development and deployment of our craft learning labs and our 16 course Project Management certification program, we ensure that each project is executed and delivered the Tellepsen Way.

TECHNOLOGY - Leveraging both established and novel solutions for accurate, in-time decision making. Utilizing proven and leveraging new technologies on our equipment, tools, processes, and people, we ensure that the right data is available to the right people at the right time, built on proven source of truth in our reporting.

Throughout the upcoming months, I will dive deeper into each of these elements. At Tellepsen, we put the T in Technology, in innovaTion, in Truth. Real data, real solutions, real-time. SMART.