insights | 08.09.22

Tellepsen On The Radio

When you have been around for over a century as Tellepsen has, you hear a lot of stories. Happy stories, uncanny stories, triumphant stories…you name it. “If these walls could talk” is the phrase that comes to mind. Tellepsen is fortunate to have a real balance of folks who have been around for a long time and lived our history, as well as newer teammates who represent Tellepsen’s future. But every once in a while, you get a chance to hear from someone who was around long before most of us.

Houston historian and radio host Mr. McKinney of The Houston Hour recently sat down with Tom Tellepsen. Tom walks us through Tellepsen’s history, starting with his grandfather who emigrated to the US and settled in Houston’s East End, and who eventually founded the company in 1909. Tellepsen is a fourth generation, family-owned company who has quite literally shaped the Houston skyline.

We are happy to share that radio interview which is truly a history of Tellepsen and the growth of Houston. It’s such a unique opportunity to have this first-hand historical account. So grab your popcorn, sit back and enjoy!