news | 07.15.22

Tellepsen Sponsored Houston Restaurant Weeks Releases Restaurant List

The Cleverley Stone Foundation, which founded Houston Restaurant Weeks in 2003, has released its list of participating restaurants along with their menus. Tellepsen is proud to be a sponsor of this monthlong event which runs from August 1 to September 5 and raises money for Houston Food Bank as well as the Galveston and Montgomery County Food Banks. It has become Houston's largest fundraiser of its kind.

Around 1 million people in the 18 southeast Texas counties served by Houston Food Bank are considered food insecure, meaning they lack consistent access to enough nutritious food to fuel a healthy life. In order to address this issue, the Houston Food Bank distributes food and other essentials to those in need through a network of more than 1,600 community partners. In addition, they also provide programs and services aimed at helping families achieve long-term stability including nutrition education, job training, health management, and help in securing state-funded assistance.

Tellepsen's support and work with the Houston Food Bank goes back decades when it built the facility that houses the important work they do for the community. One of Tellepsen's core values is to be a part of something greater than ourselves - a mission that is squarely aligned with the work done by the Houston Food Bank. The service they provide the greater Houston area is tremendously important and impactful, especially during challenging times like these.

Tellepsen is proud to be associated with the Cleverley Stone Foundation whose innovative approach to supporting Houston Food Bank has set a new standard for fundraisers of its kind. This successful annual event has become one of the largest in the nation.