About the Project

Tellepsen was selected to replace the existing Linear Accelerator equipment which is 11 years old and has frequent downtimes. The new unit standardizes capabilities across the system and provides seamless transition treatment from one machine to another. The project will include the construction of a new Linear Accelerator Vault and renovation of surrounding clinical areas that support it. A second Linear Accelerator Vault will provide redundancy and upgraded infrastructure, which will allow for new equipment installation to occur without taking down the only existing LINAC Room. The space will be constructed under ICRA and ISLM as typical in any hospital renovation and or addition.

The Details

Sector(s): Healthcare
Client: Houston Methodist Hospital

Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensured that the project was executed with precision and delivered on time and within budget. Throughout the project, Tellepsen consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of LINAC technology and focused on its critical role in cancer treatment.

Tellepsen's ability to collaborate effectively with our team and adapt to changing circumstances was particularly commendable. Their clear communication and problem-solving skills greatly contributed to the project's success. Tellepsen's unwavering commitment to safety and quality further underscored their professionalism and dedication.

– Michael Bletsch, Director Facilities, Design & Construction - Houston Methodist Hospital


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