About the Project

St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital was built in the first decade of the Texas Medical Center’s creation in 1945. The Tellepsen Construction Company completed St. Luke’s Episcopal in 1954 for the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, the same year they completed the Texas Children’s Hospital in the Texas Medical Center. The seven story, 180 bed hospital building quickly became a pioneer in healthcare. Although the building no longer serves as a hospital, it helped pave the way for people to receive top notch medical care. The tower was repurposed to serve in an administrative capacity and will be demolished to make way for new additions to the Texas Medical Center. This project was not only significant to Houston and the Texas Medical Center, but it was significant to modern healthcare throughout the world. The advances made in heart health at this institution set the foundation for modern heart procedures. Many students were able to learn from doctors performing different heart procedures here. St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital operated as a non-profit health care facility in the Texas Medical Center.

The Numbers

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The Details

Type: New Construction
Sector(s): Healthcare
Client: St. Luke’s Hospital

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